Ages 12+

AGES 12+

The Queen's Scarab

The Queen’s Scarab

Family secrets, a dangerous magic, and the fate of an entire world hang in the balance. And what does the Queen’s Scarab have to do with it all? Abby must find out before it’s too late.

by Deb Mercier • 240 pages • softcover • $14.95

Dracula, the Eternal

Dracula, the Eternal

A deadly storm. A missing father. A dying girlfriend. What do these things have in common, and why do they seem connected to Art and Mina? As the mystery begins to unfold, evidence points toward one terrible conclusion: vampires.

by Brandon Terrell • 176 pages • softcover • $12.95


Real Stories About Werewolves

Real Stories About Werewolves

Let Deb Mercier take you on a tour of thirteen bizarre and terrifying reports of werewolf activity. Is it even possible? Can werewolves be real? This collection of chilling tales will give you plenty of evidence to chew on!

by Deb Mercier • 104 pages • softcover • $9.95

Toilet Tales

Toilet Tales: Hilarious, Embarrassing, True Stories of Bathroom Humor

Some bathroom accidents occur at the worst possible moments – on a first date, at the start of a new job, while stuck in traffic – and their stories ascend to the level of Toilet Tales. This book collects 28 of the funniest, most humiliating true accounts.

by Ryan Jacobson • 96 pages • softcover • $8.95