Ages 7–10

Dinosaur Discovery Activity Book

Dinosaur Discovery Activity Book

Use coloring pages, word finds, dot-to-dots, mazes, and more to learn important details about 23 species, including famous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and “non-dinosaurs” like Mosasaur.

by Brett Ortler • 64 pages • softcover • $6.95

Campfire Crisis

Campfire Crisis (A Choice Chapter Book)

Put your survival skills to the test. If you make good decisions, you might rescue your friends from the Campfire Crisis! This interactive, all-ages story is a great introduction to camping.

by Blake Hoena • 80 pages • softcover • $6.95

Drake Bacula: MonStar

Drake Bacula: MonStar: Lies, Camera, Action!

Drake is a movie star with a secret: Hes a vampire! Will Sam be able to help Drake keep his secret from their new friend Gretchen? Or might Sam’s lies lead all of them into a dangerous trap?

by Brandon Terrell • 80 pages • hardcover • $9.95

Amazing Ants!

Amazing Ants! (Danny & Ester’s Fortunate Adventures)

Join Danny and Ester on a thrilling and dangerous journey into an anthill. Will they ever make it out again? And if they do, will they be able to turn back into children?

by Renee McCuen • 64 pages • hardcover • $9.95

Slimy Salamanders!

Slimy Salamanders! (Danny & Ester’s Fortunate Adventures)

Danny and Ester think salamanders are interesting. When they say so, they turn into salamanders! Together, they must explore the pond and learn about amphibians.

by Renee McCuen • 64 pages • hardcover • $9.95

Monster Ninjas 1

Monster Ninjas: The Ultimate Weapon

They’re teenagers. They’re monsters. They’re ninjas. And they’re the only ones who can stop Leeland Vance and his army of evil robots from taking over the world!

by Ryan Jacobson • 44 pages • softcover • $9.95