Can Werewolves Be Real? New Book Offers Evidence

Real Stories About Werewolves

Thanks to books, movies and various other sources of pop culture, you’re probably familiar with werewolves. But did you know there’s evidence to suggest that werewolves might actually be real? Just in time for Halloween, author Deb Mercier has collected frightening accounts of werewolf encounters that span the ages, and you can read all about them in REAL STORIES ABOUT WEREWOLVES.

Mercier takes readers on a tour of 13 bizarre reports of werewolf activity. She begins with European stories dating as far back as the 1500s and weaves her way forward through time, ending with tales that are closer to home and set in modern times. Mercier includes some of history’s most intriguing accounts, from France’s Beast of Gevaudan to Wisconsin’s Bray Road Beast.

Rather than dry collections of facts, each report is told in the form of a short story. Beautiful, historic pieces of art are sprinkled in, adding to the book’s allure. The result is a wonderful mix of history and horror that’s perfect for sharing around a campfire. REAL STORIES ABOUT WEREWOLVES is a real Halloween treat for any fan of the supernatural.

REAL STORIES ABOUT WEREWOLVES ($9.95, softcover) is available at bookstores and gift shops, through online retailers, by calling 800-678-7006 or by visiting